Why Bulk SMS


The mobile phone has rapidly become the most powerful way to interact with your customers!

Bulk SMS Advertising provided by us will enable more effective marketing, which generates a high response rate at a competitive & cost effective price. It is also ideal for notifications of meetings and events!

Bulk SMS is the only medium that enables instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their geographical location!

We offer you a medium in which you can send 15SMS in 1sec OR 900SMS in 1min


Customised Sender ID

This is what will be shown in the “From” field when the text message is delivered to a mobile phone. e.g. YOUR COMPANY NAME, YOUR SHOP NAME, YOUR EVENT NAME, YOUR PRODUCT NAME, YOUR RESTAURANT NAME, YOUR SCHOOL NAME, YOUR CHURCHES NAME, YOUR POLITICAL PARTY NAME etc..

Web Panel

Send your own messages via our SMS Communicator; our web-based application that lets you send SMS messages to your customers, members or anyone else direct from your web browser. You can message them individually or in groups. Our panel even allows you to schedule messages for a later time for it to be delivered.

SMS Gateway

It is the perfect solution for companies who need advanced mobile messaging features without extensive investment or user training, integrate your existing system or database with our mobile transaction platform via our HTTP “Get” or “Post” API ..>>read more